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Your home in Vienna's urban jungle

Welcome to your shrill, colourful and modern home away from home!

All our rooms are newly renovated and offer a cozy and comfortable getaway amidst Vienna’s urban jungle. Whether you are looking for a homey double room or dormitory bed, we would be delighted to have you! Our dormitories offer lockable beds, adding an extra level of privacy and security. Additionally, all our rooms have ‘round the clock access to a large common room and guest kitchen area.

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At BeFree Hostel you can enjoy the freedom of a complete self-check in. YOU decide when to fill out your paper work and can easily do it from your phone or laptop while still on the road.

With our new check-in system you don’t need to queue at reception anymore or try to find a cashpoint. Tedious paperwork as well as payment are fully done online and a personalised QR code on your mobile phone enables you to check-in independently around the clock from 3 pm on.

How it works

Right after creating your booking you will receive access to our digital guest-service-system. This access enables you to review or change details on your reservation at BeFree Hostel and allows you to easily check-in and out, register and pay on your mobile device. You will also be able to receive your QR code through this system and hence be able to open your doors with nothing more than your smartphone.

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