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I have problems with the online check in, who can help me?

BeFree Hostel belongs to the Do Step Inn Hotel, our main house, located 3 minutes walking distance from the hostel entrance just around the corner on Felberstraße 20, 1150 Vienna. All our BeFree Hostel guests are welcome to use the Do Step Inn facilities and our front desk at Do Step Inn is happy to answer all your questions, assist with check-in or walk you over to BeFree to help solve any problem that may arise during your stay. Please do not hesitate to call or visit us at the front desk on Felberstraße 20 if you have any problems at all.

When and how can I check in?

You can check-in online on your mobile device or laptop from 3 pm onwards on the day of your arrival. Please follow the link which we previously provide in an information email to you and follow the instructions for filling out the registration form and finishing payment. From 3pm on, you can fill out the check-in form no matter where you are at the time as long as you have internet access. Straight after sending the registration form and payment off, you will receive your QR code with which you are able to open your room door.

Travelling during the pandemic?

With our completely new self-check-in system, we offer a 100% contactless online check-in. This means no queueing, no staff interaction unless wished for and a much faster independent check-in which is possible around the clock. Our entire house also offers an extremely high level of cleanliness and surface areas are disinfected regularly. With our flexi-rate bookings you are even able to cancel up until 24 hrs before your arrival day giving you high flexibility during unpredictable times.

We will also provide up-to-date COVID rules and guidelines on signs in the hostel if they apply (as this constantly changes, no precise information can be provided here). For updates please check the official website of the Austrian government. 

Do you provide a hairdryer?

There are no hairdryers in the bed rooms but hairdryers can be found in the public areas downstairs and on the wall of the shower room.

Is there a supermarket close by?

Yes, there are several supermarkets in the area as well as a large food court, bakeries and a small mall inside the Westbahnhof train station. The largest and closest one would be “Lidl”, which is located on Felberstraße 1a, 1150 Vienna.

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